About Shamisen Shamisen is a three-stringed musical instrument whose square wooden body called ‘Do’ is covered with skin and played with a ginkgo leaf shaped bachi.There are various theories about its origin including the one claiming that Chinese musical instrument called sanxian was brought to by way of Ryukyu. However the instrument was modified into a unique Japanese style and became widely known in the Edo Period.

The efforts of Komatsuya

In 2015, Komatsuya that has been manufacturing and selling various types of shamisen since their foundation in 1992 launched an artificial shamisen skin ‘Ripple’. The development was triggered by a sense of crisis under the rise in a worldwide movement of animal welfare since traditionally, skin of dogs or cats is used as a shamisen skin. While orders for shamisen from abroad have been increasing as a result of ‘Japan boom’, a shamisen that is to be proudly introduced to the world was completed. In 2018, ‘Shaula’ made with the printable artificial skin which has been originally developed by Komatsuya was released in collaboration with Yoshitaka Amano.

Taking part in the project

‘Bring about innovation and inspiration for shamisen industry’

For the players and listeners, Japanese skilled artisans manufacture the shamisen making use of an artificial skin of the future generation ‘Ripple’ which features high sound quality in collaboration with GIBIATE. Letting the world recognize this superb shamisen as well as delivering a joy and an excitement to the players and listeners is our commitment and at the same time our great rejoicing.

有限会社小松屋 代表取締役 小松英雄

Hideo Komatsu the President of Komatsuya, Ltd.

Brief Biography

Born on 23rd of June 1954.

Graduated from Oita Prefectural Hitarinko High School commuted taking two and half hours for one way. Discovered shamisen at the age of 22 and has been involved for more than four decades since then.

Became independent and established Komatsuya, Ltd. at the age of 38.

At 61, developed Ripple the artificial skin for shamisen having gone through more than a decade planning phase / patent pending.

He is currently 64 years of age.