• Price
    35,000JPY(tax inclued) Shipping fee excluede
  • Scheduled Release Date
    Shipping starts from Dec 2020
  • Specification
    2 Blu-ray Discs containing all 12 episodes of the anime, disc jacket illustration for the anime, hard case storage box
  • 500sets
    ・Original jacket illustration by Yoshitaka Amano
    ・Limited edition booklet (60-page luxury special edition with character design illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano, monster design illustrations by Naoki Serizawa, official anime design works and more)
  • 1000sets
    In addition to the 500 set course
    ・Original artwork with serial numbers
    ・Non-telop version of opening and ending video
  • 1500sets
    In addition to the 1000 set course.
    ・Voice actor audio commentary and interviews
  • 2000sets
    In addition to the 1500 set course
    ・Soundtrack CD (including the opening and ending tracks)
    ・Special Interview with opening and ending artists
  • 3000sets
    In addition to the 2000 set course
    ・Special event
    (Please note that the method of implementation is still under consideration and is subject to change.