About Shamisen Shamisen is a three-stringed musical instrument, in which the square wooden body called ‘Do’ is covered with leather and played with a ginkgo leaf shaped bachi.
There are various theories about shamisen's origin, such as deriving from Chinese musical instrument sanxian and spreading to Japan via Ryukyu. However the instrument was modified into a unique Japanese style and became widely known during the Edo period.

About Komatsuya

Komatsuya has been manufacturing and retailing various types of shamisen since the establishment in 1992. In 2015, Komatsuya launched a new series of shamisen ‘Ripple’ made of artificial leather. The development was inspired by a crisis awareness in view of the global movement of animal welfare, while shamisen's leather is traditionally made of dog or cat's fur. As Japanese culture is attracting worldwide attention, Komatsuya has received many overseas orders and proudly introduce their products abroad. In 2018, the shamisen ‘Shaura’ which is made of printable artificial leather and originally developed by Komatsuya was released as a collaboration with Yoshitaka Amano.

Taking part in the project

‘Bring innovation and inspiration to the shamisen industry’

For the performers and audiences, Japanese skilled craftsmen created ‘Ripple’ - the artificial leather shamisen with high sound quality in collaboration with GIBIATE PROJECT. Our pleasure and mission is to promote this excellent work of shamisen in the world, as well as deliver joy and impression to the performers and audiences.

有限会社小松屋 代表取締役 小松英雄

Hideo Komatsu the President of Komatsuya Co., Ltd.

Brief Biography

Born on 23rd of June 1954.

Graduated from Oita Prefectural Hitarinko High School. It took him two hours and a half to commute to school each way. Ever since he started to practice shamisen at 22, he has devoted himself to it for more than four decades.

Started up his own business at 38, established Komatsuya Co., Ltd.

Developed ‘Ripple’ - the artificial leather shamisen after 10-year conception when he was 61. (patent pending)

He is 64 years old now.