First sound:Theme music of Sensui Kanzaki

Yuzo Koshiro, one of the musicians taking part in GIBIATE PROJECT, the legendary game music producer, kick off the project initially.
Yuzo Koshiro is highly acclaimed by gamers all over the world. He is launching this project to the world, with the Japanese theme inspired by Yoshitaka Amano and Naoki Serizawa's illustrations.

Taking part in the project

It is a privilege to take part in such a project and promote Japanese culture to the world. With the attractive characters designed by Mr.Yoshitaka Amano, the uncanny monsters created by Mr.Naoki Serizawa, and the music abundant in Japanese style and action elements, our project is worth your expectations.


Koshiro Yuzo

Brief Biography

In 1967, Born in Tokyo

Game music composer, game producer.

President of Ancient Corp., the game production company.

His main works include ‘Ys’, ‘Bare Knuckle’, ‘ActRaiser’, ‘Shenmue’, ‘Wangan Midnight MAXIMUM TUNE’ and ‘Sekaiju no MeiQ’, etc.