Despite the catastrophe in which the terror and fight are being witnessed, human beings always strive for the light of hope and keep on living. The title depicts the strength of people who keep faith in future and go on living, rather than the elements of tragedy,grief or bloodiness.



SISYU's Profile

  • Sisyu, a Japanese artist officially recognized by the Japanese government and had a great privilege of showing her art works to the Emperor and the Empress in person.
    In her latest endeavor, she was invited to Paris, France by Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts (founded 155 years ago by Rodin) in year 2014 and 2015 as a VIP guest. There, she adorned the entrance area of the art exhibition (Art Salon) at the basement hall “Carrousel du Louvre” with 250 m² of floor space.
    Known for incorporating Japanese calligraphy into other art forms such as sculptures, media arts, and paintings, her latest artwork adds calligraphy etched in iron and glasses to the collection. This has evolved into a grander scale that combines sculptures, lights, and shadows. Through this work, Sisyu symbolizes the Japanese soul of “Zen” and sends the traditional work of calligraphy “Sho” into the new age with new perspectives.

Brief Biography

  • International Performances & Exhibitions
    Basement Hall of Louvre Museum(2014 / 2015), MIZEN Fine Art(2017), Guimet Museum(2014), Laval Virtual(2012), Louvre Paris Collection(2009)
  • Italy
    Milano Expo Japan Pavilion (2015), Milano Salone (2014), Fondazione Lucian Matalon (2018), La Biennale di Venice (2005 / 2011)
  • Switzerland
    Davos World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (2012)
  • USA
    New York Grand Central Terminal (2014), Florida Morikami Museum (2013)
  • Sweden
    Nobel Night Cap 2012 of Nobel Prize Ceremony (2012)
  • Japan
    Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (2015), The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo(2014), The National Art Center, Tokyo(2013 / 2014 / 2015), GUCCI(2013)
  • Greater China
    1st China Beijing International Fair for Trade:Calligraphy demonstration (2012), Hong Kong ‘wtc more World Trade Centre’ : Exhibition and calligraphy live performance (2015), Taipei Fine Arts Museum : Sisyu x teamLab Joint Exhibition (2013), National Taiwan Art Museum : Sisyu x teamLab Joint Exhibition (2012)